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What You Should Know about Structural Issues and Your Chimney

A fireplace adds warmth and beauty to the inside of your home, while a chimney gives a welcoming look to the outside of your building. Sometimes, chimneys are so old and worn, they can have structural damage on the outside that you may or may not notice. When you do notice the issue, however, you might think it adds even more of a vintage look and feel, with the occasional masonry damage just adding quirkiness to your home. However, there are some things you should know about your chimney and how structural damage can really affect you.

Fire Risk

One of the major concerns about damaged bricks, issues in the chimney flue, and other structural problems is the risk of a chimney fire. When there are problems within the chimney, fire may be able to escape the chimney flue with ease. A chimney fire can spread to the outside of your home, potentially engulfing your home in flames.


Sometimes, the concern about damage to your chimney doesn’t have to do with what can move out of your chimney but what can come into it. The chimney flashing, the area that seals your chimney to the roof of your home, can wear away over time, especially if it was not put in by chimney professionals in the first place. You’ll need experts to repair your chimney flashing so that you don’t have to worry about moisture leaking into your home after it snows or rains.

It’s Not Always Obvious

Something else you should know about chimney damage is that it’s not always something you can visually detect on your own. Professional chimney inspections help you to learn about problems with your chimney, and it can save you from a fire or a structural repair headache. Schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning today to learn whether there are issues with your chimney.

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