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When To Call For Repairs: Your Damper Is Stuck

fireplace-fire-burningHaving a problem with your chimney is no fun. You want to add that little extra bit of warmth and atmosphere to your home tonight but there is something wrong with your chimney. It is a pain and we understand. That is why we want you to know a little more about when you should call for chimney repairs.

We have a few different topics to discuss on the subject of the different kinds of chimney repair in St. Paul, MN that you may need to address but we don’t want to overwhelm you. That is why we will focus just on issues with your dampers for this particular blog.

Let’s dive in so you can get the repairs you need and enjoy your fireplace again.

What Your Damper Does

Your damper is responsible for allowing or inhibiting airflow through your chimney flue. While airflow is important for the continuation of a nice comfy fire, it can also be problematic if the damper is left open after the fire is out, allowing cold air into the home. Likewise, if the damper doesn’t open properly it can cause problems with keeping your fire going and trapping toxic fumes in your home.

What Is Wrong With My Damper?

Your damper is susceptible to the build-up of dust, soot, and age┬ámuch like other parts of your chimney. What this amounts to, however, are problems with your damper’s ability to do its job. In terms of what might be wrong with the damper, you may want to check on the following potential issues:

  • The damper lever is broken: If you have a manual damper lever that allows you to open and close this part of your chimney, you likely know why it is a problem for it to break. A broken damper lever┬ámeans you have no way to open or close your damper and, therefore, you can’t use your fireplace.
  • The damper is stuck open or closed: There is a time for your damper to open and close. If it stuck in either position, you’ve got a problem on your hands. A damper that is stuck open won’t keep any warmth in your house and will instead be a source of cold, drafty air. On the other hand, a damper that is stuck closed poses a big safety risk.


Thankfully, issues with your chimney damper are fixable by a professional chimney technician. Damper levers can be fixed or replaced, and your damper itself can be cleaned or repaired so that it works the way it is meant to again.

The key here is making sure that you work with the right people to address your chimney repair needs. Trying to address chimney repair needs by yourself, or allowing an inexperienced amateur to try to fix them, is never a good idea.

When you need a team of professionals on hand to take care of your fireplace and chimney, we are the team you can trust. We are experts at what we do and our goal is to keep you warm and safe all year long.

Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys today to schedule your repairs.

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