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How to Handle Chimney Squatters


Springtime is in full swing and summer is right around the corner. You can always tell that winter has ended because of the sudden increase of blooming plants, flourishing foliage, and an abundance of furry and feathered critters around the area. It is always a treat to sit on your porch or in your backyard and hear the birds chirping away in the trees or watch squirrels run around in the grass. Spring is always a season full of life that is thriving just outside your door.

And as cute as those squirrels are you probably want them to stay outside.

While springtime and summer are both wonderful times of the year thanks to the great weather and extra sunshine, they can also be seasons during which you start having problems with your animal neighbors because you don’t see eye to eye–where you see a chimney and fireplace built to keep you warm, they see a great place for a nest and a new home.

Dealing With Unwanted Guests in Your Chimney: A Guide

Here are a few easy-to-understand steps to help with the process of removing unwanted furry or feathered friends from your chimney.

  1. Determine where your uninvited guest is: Have you checked the top of your chimney lately and noticed there seems to be a nest on top of it? Or are you finding droppings and bits of other materials in your firebox that are indicating there is a squatter in your chimney flue itself? If there are signs that you have an animal trying to make a home in or on your chimney, reaching out for assistance ASAP is your best option.
  2. Reach out for animal removal: While that bird may not look too intimidating or that squirrel’s nest might not seem like a hassle to remove, we want to dissuade you from trying to kick out your new furry squatters on your own. The chance of a problem occurring is pretty high if you don’t have the right training and we’d prefer you leave the job to us rather than risking a bite or getting scratched up. If you need assistance in removing a critter from inside or on top of your chimney we can help with our animal removal service in Minneapolis.
  3. Schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning: Even after that bird, raccoon, squirrel, or other creature is gone, you shouldn’t just walk away from your chimney. There is a chance of extra debris having been left behind in the flue, firebox, or other parts of your fireplace system. Make sure to schedule a chimney inspection after the animal removal to see if your chimney needs extra cleaning services.
  4. Consider a chimney cap and screen to prevent future problems: Prevention is the best medicine for a lot of issues, including keeping your fireplace and chimney in good condition. If you have been having problems with animals getting into your chimney or blocking your chimney with a nest, consider installing a chimney cap and screen to keep this important part of your home protected.

Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys to ensure your chimney stays clean and critter-free.

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