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4 Signs It Is Time to Clean Out Your Fireplace

Monday, May 9th, 2022

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to the visible parts of your home. You also need to keep your home’s systems clean too. There is a reason why HVAC experts encourage people to change their system filters to keep their air conditioner and heater clean. Your fireplace and chimney need to be kept clean too.

A dirty fireplace is one that can create trouble for your home, even when you aren’t using it. Don’t let your fireplace get too murky! Schedule your fireplace cleaning in Edina, MN services today to help your home all year long.

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We Can Help Clean Your Fireplace

Monday, March 15th, 2021

Are you getting a jumpstart on your spring cleaning to-do list? If so, we applaud you! But we also want to make sure that your fireplace doesn’t miss out on the benefits of this yearly cleaning activity. It can be easy to forget sometimes but, no matter which type of fireplace you have, you really do need to schedule a regular fireplace cleaning in Minneapolis, MN to keep things in working order.

Before you grab the dust rag and vacuum though, we want to make sure you understand that fireplace cleaning isn’t something to do on your own. While many homeowners know how to do some tasks, such as clearing out their ash dump if they have a wood-burning fireplace, cleaning your fireplace is a job best left to the professionals. Let us explain how we can help and why it is important to let a technician be the one to help clean things up.

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Keeping Your Fireplace Danger-Free

Monday, January 6th, 2020

fire-book-openYour fireplace should be something in your home that you can trust to provide an extra boost of warmth and comfort during the cooler months. What’s more, it adds a little extra something to your home visually even during the summer months. The only thing that can hinder the positive effect that your fireplace has on you and your home is when it becomes a source of danger to your health and safety.

As you probably guessed by now, the best way to keep your fireplace danger-free is to keep it clean and in good shape. You can do this by scheduling regular cleaning and fireplace repair in Minneapolis, MN. However, a lot of us are likely to hesitate to schedule these services without knowing they’re needed.

Thankfully we can help you determine when the time has come to reach out to your local professionals for cleaning, repairs, and more.

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Why a Cleaner Fireplace Isn’t Just for Looks

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

fire-book-openSome people simply don’t see a need to clean the fireplace very often. A screen in front of the fireplace or a set of doors may keep most of the surfaces hidden from view. And besides, most people expect a fireplace to be dirty. Your guests likely aren’t going to judge ash and soot at the bottom of the fireplace; it just means your family makes good use of it!

However, cleaning the fireplace isn’t just about maintaining the way it looks. Appearances are important to some, but proper fireplace cleaning is about your health and safety too. Find out why our chimney technicians think this is such an important task below, and call our team for chimney and fireplace cleaning in Minneapolis, MN.

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How to Effectively Clean Your Fireplace

Monday, December 25th, 2017

fireplace-fire-burningAlthough you may expect your fireplace to get dirty with extended use, it’s not intended to be this way. The fireplace should be kept clean, even if soot seems to collect quickly at the bottom of the fireplace. And if this is the case, you should do whatever you can to ensure this is kept under control.

Part of this is regular fireplace sweeping. Part of this is prevention. But you should also be sure to call in professional technicians to clean your chimney and fireplace at least once per year, and help you make changes to reduce soot and debris buildup in the first place.

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Why Is Firebox Cleaning an Important Part of Chimney Service?

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

‘Tis the time of year for warm fires, but you could be in for a lot more if your firebox isn’t as clean as it should be. From all appearances, your chimney looks like one large component, but the truth is, your chimney can consist of up to 22 parts, one of which is your firebox. Chimney sweeping should be performed annually by a trained professional, so if you are getting ready to warm some chestnuts by an open fire, make sure you’ve had your chimney swept first. If you haven’t, call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc., today and schedule an appointment for fireplace cleaning in Wayzata, MN.

What Is the Firebox?

The firebox is the part of your fireplace where the fire actually burns. Because of this, it is the part of your fireplace that sustains the most heat. Many fireboxes are made of some kind of masonry, like bricks, but some are made of metal, as you’ll find with a pre-fabricated chimney.

Why Is It Important to Clean the Firebox?

During a routine chimney sweep appointment, your firebox isn’t just cleaned, it is also inspected. Due to the high temperatures the firebox sustains, it isn’t unusual for wear and tear to set in. Combustion byproducts can be very acidic, so both masonry and metal can crack; the mortar in the masonry can erode, and metal can corrode over time. If these problems have developed with your firebox, they’ll be detected during your annual chimney sweep and repaired as necessary.

Maintaining Your Firebox

An annual chimney sweep helps you to maintain your firebox through the years, but cleaning out ash after every use is also important. Ash and soot accumulate quickly and can be corrosive; if left to sit in your firebox, you can prematurely age the masonry and/or metal work in the firebox. Cleaning out the ash from your fireplace after every use helps to significantly reduce the potential effects of the soot and ash while keeping your firebox clean for the next warm fire.

Warm fires and winter go hand-in-hand. Keep your winter fires healthy and safe with a clean firebox and chimney.Call Us Today! 612.922.9600 or 1-888-PIXLEYS

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Do I Really Need to Clean My Fireplace?

Monday, November 18th, 2013

No matter how often you use your fireplace—every day, or only a few weekend evenings during the holiday—you need to have it cleaned regularly. People often think that fireplaces don’t require regular cleaning because they are accustomed to the idea of a chimney and hearth having soot all over them. It seems almost… natural. However, it isn’t—and it can lead to hazardous conditions for you and your family. Fire safety experts recommend annual cleaning for fireplaces and chimney in order to avoid potential dangers.

We’ll explain a bit more in this post why it’s important to schedule yearly fireplace cleaning in St. Paul, MN. For comprehensive cleaning for fireplaces and chimneys, as well as installation, repairs, and inspections, call the experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. today.

Why You Need Your Fireplace Cleaned

The number one reason fireplaces need regular cleaning is creosote. You’ve seen creosote before: it’s the shiny black substance that starts to appear on the bricks of the hearth and chimney after burning wood. Creosote is unburned energy from wood, and it is highly combustible. Only a small flame can cause creosote to ignite. This is a major safety hazard, as it can lead to fires getting into the upper floors of your house and your roof.

Cleaning will also take care of problems with the flue and its lining. The flue does the job of channeling smoke from the fireplace to the outside, and the inside lining of the flue serves as a thermal barrier between the heat inside the flue and the building material around it. A layer of creosote along the flue will increase the heat and lead to dangerous conditions.

But what if I don’t burn wood logs or wood pellets in my fireplace?” some people may ask. Well, you still need fireplace cleaning if you use gas logs, because problems with the ventilation can lead to smoke or gas getting into your home. The vents can become blocked with animal nests (a common issue in St. Paul) or outside debris.

Finally, a clean fireplace is a beautiful fireplace. Aside from all the safety benefits you’ll receive from fireplace cleaning, you will also have your fireplace looking its most inviting for the winter season.

Hire Professionals Fireplace Cleaners

Most homeowners know very little about the proper care of fireplaces and chimneys. They may seem simple, but modern chimneys are designed with numerous safety measures that require care to make sure they protect you and your home. Make sure that you hire only experienced chimney cleaning technicians to take care of your keeping your family’s hearth beautiful and safe. Trust to 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. and our many years of experience with fireplace cleaning in Saint Paul.

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Problems Caused by a Dirty Fireplace

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Fireplaces are both decorative and functional. Although your home in St. Paul will almost certainly have a modern heating system installed in it (such as a boiler, furnace, or heat pump), a fireplace is a tremendous asset for getting cozy warmth during the winter, and it adds cheer and that special glow that you can’t get from any other source.

However, a dirty fireplace will cut into many of these benefits. A fireplace choked with soot and debris is not only a visual eyesore, but it can present serious dangers to your home and your family. Make sure you have a clean fireplace before the winter season arrives. Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. for quality fireplace cleaning in St. Paul, MN.

Here are some problems you might encounter because of a dirty fireplace:

Creosote fire hazards

Creosote is the shiny black residue left over from burning wood; basically, it’s unburned wood energy. It is also the No. 1 enemy your fireplace faces. Creosote will gather on the bricks of your fireplace as well as on the inside of the chimney. It looks unattractive, but worse, it’s highly combustible. It can lead to sudden bursts of flame in places you don’t want fire to appear, such as an upper floor. Regular cleaning will remove this common hazard.

Smoke dangers

When you forget to open the flue in your fireplace, the smoke will start to pour into your living space, and you know how unpleasant that can be. But if you neglect cleaning your fireplace, then the chimney will become clogged on its own from creosote and soot buildup, making it harder for smoke to escape. Even a small amount of smoke drifting into your home presents a safety hazard.

Carbon monoxide

If you have a gas fireplace, an accumulation of soot or creosote can create blockages that cause carbon monoxide to enter your home. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless but highly toxic. Even a small amount can cause bad headaches, breathing problems, and nausea.

The National Fire Protection Association Standard recommends that you have an annual inspection done on your fireplace and chimney in order to see that they meet safety guidelines. Although the NFPA doesn’t provide a specific timeline for fireplace cleaning, based on our experience in the business, we think you should schedule annual cleaning to accompany this inspection.

Keep your family safe and your home beautiful this year with a thorough fireplace cleaning in St. Paul, MN from 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.

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