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You Can Schedule a Chimney Inspection Today

This is one of the busiest seasons of the year. You want to be able to just use your fireplace without having to think about it. You opened the damper and made sure you are using the system right and that should be the end of it. We understand the sentiment. And we want you to know that a chimney inspection is going to help ensure that you can use this part of your home without any hassle.

We know that stopping to get a chimney inspection can seem like a hassle but it is well worth your time. Why? We will explain the reasons why scheduling a chimney inspection in St. Paul, MN now is your best course of action here.

What a Chimney Inspection Involves

Your chimney and your fireplace need service from an expert technician, much like your heater does, to keep them in working order. Otherwise, they run the risk of developing problems that can impact your ability to use them and to do so safely. That is why a chimney inspection is so important–it ensures that your chimney is ready to do its job right.

Scheduling an inspection with one of our Certified Chimney Professionals will involve:

  • Clearing away debris such as creosote build-up or animal nests.
  • Checking for issues within the flue.
  • Careful examination of the damper, smoke chamber, and firebox.
  • Checking for problems with your chimney cap/crown.

Only a trained professional like the ones on our team can offer the quality of service needed to get this inspection done right. We provide three levels of inspections too, depending on the condition of your chimney.

Why Get a Chimney Inspection Now

It is advisable to get a chimney inspection in early fall, much like you should schedule heater maintenance during this time period. However, if you forgot to get this service done, or didn’t know you needed it, we are happy to say it isn’t too late. Here is why getting your inspection taken care of now is still well worth it.

  • Improves the function of your fireplace and chimney. As we mentioned, chimney inspections give a technician a chance to clear away debris from your chimney which improves the airflow through it and helps your fireplace work efficiently.
  • Reduces the chances of repair needs later in the season. Clearing debris and checking your chimney also allows a technician to spot and address any possible repair needs that may pop up later. Additionally, the care that comes with this service helps prevent frequent repairs as well.
  • Heads off issues in your chimney before they become safety hazards. Did you know that creosote build-up can increase the risk of chimney fires and even airflow backing up into the home? Chimney inspections can help keep your system safe for use.
  • Gets rid of smell-causing build-up. Creosote can also end up creating a less-than-pleasant smell in your home, especially the next time you create a nice fire. Part of an inspection includes clearing build-up in the chimney that would otherwise make things a little stinky.

Haven’t scheduled a chimney inspection yet? It isn’t too late!

Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to schedule an appointment.

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