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Animals in Your Chimney? Here’s What You Should Know

Unfortunately, a chimney is a common place to find nesting, living, or dead animals who made their way inside by mistake. Learn what to do if animals do manage to find a way in your chimney, how to keep the chimney clean, and even some ways to prevent it in the following guide.

Prevent animal inhabitants in or on your chimney

A wild animal may mistake your chimney for a hollowed-out tree, and many birds can see it as an ideal resting area. A good chimney cap can help to prevent this. No longer does your chimney appear to be a nice hollow tree. It becomes another solid surface that’s a lot less attractive for nesting or denning.

You might not be able to remove that bird’s nest

Sure, physically it might seem feasible to remove a bird’s nest from atop your chimney. But in order to protect wild species, you might not be allowed to legally. Many birds and their nests are protected by law, so you must leave them alone if they choose to nest in your chimney.

Hold off on chimney cleaning services until after the baby birds have left the nest. You should be good to go when fall arrives. Then, have your technician install a cap for your chimney, so that you can prevent this from happening again.

Call professionals for animal removal and chimney cleaning

Make sure you contact the right people for the job if there are critters making a home in your chimney, or if you suspect there may be a dead animal inside. Our chimney technicians can handle dead animal removal and sanitization. For live animals who got caught attempting to make a den in your chimney, you should work with Animal Care & Control to get them out.

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