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3 Benefits of Scheduling Chimney Cleaning Early

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: summer is an excellent time to have your chimney cleaned professionally. Get your chimney into shape this summer, in order to prevent potential fire hazards, water leaks, and other common problems that start in the chimney. Here are 3 reasons that prove it’s the right season to schedule service.

#1: You’ll Be Prepared for Fall

The first and most important reason to schedule chimney cleaning as early as possible is that you’ll be prepared for cooler temperatures. Fire hazards are a very real possibility throughout the year, and you don’t want to risk them. You also cannot be sure that you won’t forget later in the year to schedule service. Call now so that you’ll be prepared for fall and winter, and so that your chimney doesn’t put your home and family at risk!

#2: Your Technicians Are Available

In some areas, there are times when attempting to call in a chimney technician could mean waiting for a long time. During the summer, they tend to be more available. You are likely to get the appointment time you really want, whether that’s right away or at a later hour when you are off work.

#3: You Won’t Have to Stop Using Your Chimney in the Winter

The reason technicians are so backed up in the winter is that this is the time people notice problems. Obvious fire hazards, strange smells, smoke backing up into the home—all of these require urgent repairs. In addition, many people still haven’t scheduled chimney cleaning yet.

The same may happen to you if you don’t schedule chimney cleaning early enough. You’ll have to stop using your chimney once you notice problems or realize you’ve skipped out on annual service, something you don’t want to have to do! Keep your chimney going throughout the winter with an inspection service that spots problems early on.

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