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3 Things to Know about Your Chimney Liner

You might not know too much about the chimney that vents smoke and other byproducts away from your home. Many people don’t know that the masonry they see on the outside of a chimney is not the complete picture. A safe, modern chimney also has a liner inside, which helps to contain byproducts of combustion properly.

Your chimney liner is so important to your fireplace and your home safety. Here are a few things we think you should know about it.

The Liner Should Be Sized Accurately

A liner may be made of clay tiles or it may be a stainless steel liner installed after the chimney was built. In any case, it’s so important that it is just the right size for your fireplace or stove. A chimney liner that is too big can force smoke to move back into the home. In addition, it’s more likely to develop a buildup of creosote, which can become a major fire hazard.

Cracks Can Be Dangerous

We recommend inspections for your chimney liner each and every year. Why? Because minor problems within the chimney liner—cracks and other damages—increase the risk of fire spreading to the outside of your home. Chimney liners that are made from clay or pumice can crack over time from fires, water damage, and other natural events. Even a stainless steel lining can wear away over time. Annual inspections help to keep you informed.

You Might Not Have Any Liner at All

Unfortunately, some masonry chimneys still do not have any lining at all. The absence of a chimney liner can destroy the structural integrity of a chimney. The mortar between bricks wears away from smoke, fire, water vapor, and creosote, and your risk of a fire is very high. Call technicians in to assess the structure and find out about upgrading your chimney liner today.

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