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3 Reasons You Should Budget for Chimney Cleaning

Maybe you’ve heard before that you should schedule chimney cleaning every year. But you just aren’t quite sure whether it’s in the budget for you this year. Think you can skip it just this once? We think you’re much better off spending the money for this service now than dealing with any potential consequences.

You’d spend more to repair a chimney after a chimney fire

Setting aside the money for chimney cleaning may mean you have to save up, but this cost is much less than the cost of repairing structural damage resulting from a chimney fire. Creosote, a black tarlike substance that builds up in the chimney as a result of the combustion process, is one of the biggest risks to your chimney.

This substance can collect until a substantial amount coats the inside of your chimney lining. And because creosote is highly combustible, it could ignite relatively easily, allowing a fire to spread through your chimney and leading to structural damages. Pay for cleaning now to prevent a fire later!

Your family’s health is at risk

Blockages in the chimney could allow toxic carbon monoxide to move into your living space. Carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, fills a home as a result of poor ventilation. You should have a professional clean your chimney to prevent this possibility, and you should also make sure you have CO detectors on every floor of the home.

A professional can do the job right

Another reason to set aside some money for a chimney cleaning each year is that a professional chimney sweep will cost you. If the price of chimney cleaning seems too good to be true, it probably is. Amateur chimney cleaning likely won’t address many of the problem areas in your chimney, and the person might be too inexperienced to notice damages that should be brought to your attention. Budget so that you can find a chimney sweep who will do the job right!

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