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Don’t Fall for a Chimney Cleaning Scam

Whether you use your fireplace most nights or only a few times during the winter, chimney sweeping is so important to your home safety. Cleaning the chimney rids it of creosote and other harmful deposits that could lead to a chimney fire. During the initial inspection, the chimney sweep may discover an issue with your chimney that needs prompt repair, protecting your home from danger. But some companies prey on those who know little about chimney cleaning or have never had it done professionally before, scamming customers and putting their homes in further jeopardy. Look out for these scams so that you know your next chimney cleaning is completed properly.

  • Bargains: Be careful if a company offers you a deal that seems unbelievable. Unfortunately, there have been cases in which technicians who offered excellent deals were actually scam artists with no experience in the industry. Always check credentials and ask details about the work that will be done. Make sure a thorough inspection and professional cleaning is included in the quoted price.
  • Scare Tactics: Some companies use scare tactics in an attempt to convince you that a chimney cleaning or repair is an urgent necessity. There have even been times in which “technicians” have gone door-to-door, convincing homeowners that they noticed problems with the homeowner’s chimney, and that the person should get a repair ASAP. Take your time when selecting a company, and don’t choose somebody just because the timing is convenient. Always do your research first.
  • Fake Credentials: It is not too difficult to check whether or not the company you have hired has the proper credentials to do the work. The most recognizable indicator of a chimney sweep’s qualifications is a certification from the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America). The institute’s website has a search engine so that you can find a certified professional. You should also check with the Better Business Bureau.

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