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Reasons To Get a Chimney Inspection Before the Minneapolis Heating Season

The Minneapolis heating season is almost upon us and that means you need to start thinking of some of the basic maintenance tasks needed before you start using your heating equipment. This is especially true for your chimney, which is responsible for removing the exhaust from your heating system and maintaining steady ventilation throughout your entire home.

Just how important is it to clean your chimney on a timely basis each year? To start, consider the purpose of the chimney. A chimney is designed to remove large volumes of exhaust which means there will be a natural build up of creosote and soot on the flue liner in your chimney. A little bit of build up is normal but when it builds up extensively, such as over the course of a long, cold winter, it can be a problem. At first, it simply slows the flow of exhaust out of the chimney which can put unnecessary stress on your heating system.

However, with time, enough creosote or other debris such as bird’s nests, pests and other debris that got into your chimney over the course of the summer months can create real hazards, potentially even fire hazards.

The Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspection

A chimney inspection will do a few things. First, it ensures all of the creosote and soot build up is removed from your chimney before your heating system is turned on for the first time. Second it checks for damage done as a result of normal operation and any extreme weather since last spring. Finally, it removes other debris that could have built up in there between winters.

Chimney inspection and cleaning needs to be a normal part of your home’s heating maintenance. It is an important preventive step against potential problems and it ensures your chimney works efficiently throughout the coming heating season.

If your chimney has not been inspected in a couple years, contact 2nd Generation Chimneys of Minneapolis for a professional chimney inspection today.

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