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What to Do if You Spot Cracks in Your Chimney

One the eeriest sights you can see is to come across a wilderness spot where a town stood many years ago. The homes will have long rotted or burned away, but the tall brick and masonry chimneys continue to stand, making a forest of stacks marking the spots where people once lived. This is evidence of the durability of a well-constructed chimney.

However… chimneys are not invincible. Although the brick and masonry may keep the chimney standing upright, the combination of heat and moisture they often encounter—especially in a place with cold and snowy winters like Minnesota—can lead to cracking along the chimney interior. We’ll look into what you should do if you encounter this in your home’s chimney. Our maintenance program is also a great way to spot issues such as cracks in your chimney.

When you know it’s time for chimney repair in Minneapolis, MN, call the experienced and CSIA-certified team at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.

What you need to do when you see cracks in your chimney

First of all, do not use the fireplace. Until the issue is resolved, you can cause serious damage to your home if you light the fireplace. Cracks in the chimney liner will allow heat from the fire to escape to combustible material outside, possibly igniting a blaze. Stay safe and keep the hearth cold for the time being.

Next, you need to call for chimney repairs from certified chimney re-liners who also offer masonry services. Fixing cracks in chimneys isn’t a simple task that involves a layer of plaster. Fireplace repair technicians with the proper training and certification from the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) and as professional chimney re-liners will tackle the job of restoring your chimney with repairs that will last.

The chimney re-liner is responsible for protecting the rest of the chimney and the materials outside it. If the liner has suffered too much damage, technicians can reline it. Other ways of repairing cracks include sealing and resurfacing, which will help waterproof the chimney to avoid more cracks in the future. (The most common cause for cracking is when moisture enters the bricks, then freezes and expands.) Skilled repair technicians will use tuck-pointing masonry repair to fix cracks while matching the original surface texture.

What you should not do when you see cracks in your chimney

You should never ignore a chimney crack—or any damage to a fireplace. Although chimneys are sturdy, they must remain in top shape to prevent them from allowing the escape of heat or blocking proper ventilation out of the flue.

The best work you can find for chimney repair in Minneapolis, MN will come from contractors with the proper experience and certification.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. has a staff of Certified Chimney Reliners with CSIA certification, so you know you’ll receive the finest quality repair work.

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