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3 Signs You Need Fireplace Restoration

Fireplaces are among the most durable of fixtures in a home: they have to be in order to deal with the high temperatures they experience any time they are used. But no fireplace is invincible, and sometimes they can sustain damage due to age or accidents that will require the work of professional restorers to fix.

Here are three indications that you need to call for fireplace restoration in Eden Prairie, MN.

Do not use your fireplace again until you have professionals make sure it is safe once more. Call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. for fast service from experienced and licensed fireplace professionals.

3 warnings you need fireplace restoration

  1. Cracking in the masonry or liner: One of the most severe problems you can encounter with a fireplace is cracking along the masonry or the liner, whether in the chimney, the firebox, or anywhere else. Cracks aren’t restricted to older fireplaces, either: moisture that seeps into a fireplace then freezes will cause bricks and masonry to begin to split apart. These cracks allow heat to escape from the confines of the fireplace and reach combustible building material, possible causing fires. Restoration requires the work of masonry experts who can fill in and smooth over the cracking to keep the heat of a fireplace where it belongs.
  2. A chimney fire: A chimney fire is when combustion occurs within the chimney, instead of down in the fireplace hearth. This is a major emergency, and if your fireplace experiences this, it will need to have major restoration work done afterward to replace and restore tile and clay chimney liners that will endure heavy damage because of the fire. The restorers will also find the cause for the fire in the first place and make sure that the restoration work addresses it.
  3. A leaning chimney: No, that’s not an optical illusion… the chimney is actually starting to lean toward or away from the house. A leaning chimney usually occurs because of deterioration in the chimney’s foundation. Restorers will need to repair the foundation in order to balance the chimney once more. This is an urgent repair job: a leaning chimney poses a safety threat if it collapses, and can cause enormous damage to your home from the stress it will place on construction material.

Fireplace restoration is a highly specialized task. To handle this work, call on technicians with proper certification and training. At 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc., we have a staff of Certified Chimney Reliners and superintendents certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. These are the qualifications you can trust for proper fireplace restoration in Eden Prairie, MN, as well as for any other fireplace repairs and sweeping you need.

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