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Is Your Chimney Welcoming In Unwanted Visitors?

snowy-chimneyWhat do you immediately think of when it comes to problems with your chimney? Is it damage caused by rainwater? Perhaps issues stemming from freezing, then warmer, then freezing temperatures? Or maybe simply a chimney that is not venting smoke properly? While these are all certainly cause for concern, there is another problem that many homeowners don’t really think about until it is too late.

That problem? Animals setting up shop in your chimney. Sure, the idea of a little critter hunkering down in your chimney may bring to mind the animated films of your youth, but the reality of the situation is far less pleasant. If you do have animals infiltrating your chimney, let us know right away. Our animal removal specialists are here to get those critters out and to prevent them from coming back.

Is It Really That Big of a Deal?

Yes, it really is that big of a deal. A lot of people are animal lovers, and we understand that completely. The fact is, however, that undomesticated animals belong outside. Not in your home, and not in your chimney. While you may feel a twinge of sympathy for them, especially in the winter months, it is in both the animals’ and your own best interest to prevent them from getting into the chimney.

  • Animals leave waste behind. No, we’re talking about food wrappers and empty soda bottles. We’re talking about animal droppings. That is not a healthy material to be allowing into your home, but it is what you’ll find anywhere that critters have claimed.
  • Animals carry disease. No, not every animal. No, you don’t need to run the other way when you see a squirrel eyeing your snack in the park. The closer to home an animal is, though, the more concern you should have regarding the diseases that it may be carrying.
  • Animals do damage. No, we’re not talking about rabble-rousers marking up your chimney liner with graffiti. We are talking about documented cases where animals make it past the damper into the living space and really start to tear things up, though.

Our animal removal specialists will get the offending parties out of your chimney with minimal fuss. Should sanitation services be required to remove the threat of spreading illness, we can handle that, too. Then, we can install the right cap or cover in order to keep the problem from developing again.

Schedule your chimney animal removal services in Minneapolis with 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.

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