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Do Not Use Your Fireplace Before You Schedule This Service!

Whether you’re excited about the weather changes to come or you’re dreading colder weather, there’s one thing that many of us look forward to. The feeling of warmth and comfort that comes after you light a fire in your fireplace and the heat radiates into the room is something that’s tough to beat.

However, that feeling of warmth and comfort should be accompanied by an assurance of safety and wellbeing. And this is something that can only come from knowing that your chimney and fireplace don’t put your home at risk.

This year, do not start up your fireplace before scheduling professional chimney cleaning! It’s not worth the risk of a potential fire, so call local chimney sweeps as early in the season as possible.

What May Be in Your Chimney

So how exactly does a clean chimney make you safer? There could be flammable substances in your chimney. That includes pieces of debris or even dead animals—anything you wouldn’t expect to find in a chimney. Smoke and other byproducts should have a clear route from fireplace to the outdoors.

But perhaps the biggest danger to your chimney is one that often builds up somewhat quickly as a result of the combustion process. Creosote is a black, tarlike substance that technicians find lining the chimney when they clean it out.

Creosote is extremely flammable. You can keep it from building up, to an extent, by using well-seasoned (dried) firewood, ensuring proper airflow, and using a chimney cap to help prevent water damage.

But you cannot prevent it from building up completely. Annual chimney cleaning is the only way to ensure your home and your family are safe! Schedule this service this fall, before the winter leaves you wanting to stay indoors with the fireplace lit as much as possible.

Call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. for chimney cleaning and more in St. Paul, MN from experienced chimney sweeps.

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