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How to Maintain Your Clothes Dryer

Certain parts of your home tend to get more attention than others when it comes to cleaning and regular maintenance. You scrub surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom because you see them every day. You vacuum and clean the top of the ceiling fan because the dust makes people sneeze. And you take care of your fireplace because you know that it could be unsafe.

One part of the home that doesn’t get so much attention—the clothes dryer—is often neglected because people do not realize how much trouble it can cause. It’s so important that you maintain this appliance for your health and safety!

  • Empty the lint trap after each load. Hopefully, you’re already doing this, but it’s worth noting. In addition, you should never use a dryer without a lint trap in place.
  • Remove and wash the lint trap from time to time. If you’re not noticing issues, we recommend doing so annually.
  • Don’t block the outside vent exhaust. It’s important that any byproducts of the heating process are vented outdoors. Make sure that the vent that leads outdoors is bot blocked by patio furniture, plants, and the like.
  • Don’t overload the dryer. Adding too many clothes with each load wears out your clothes dryer faster.
  • Make sure the outlet meets your dryer’s electrical needs. Otherwise, you may trip the circuit breaker often. Call an electrician if this keeps happening.
  • Call for dryer vent cleaning from trained technicians. This is one of the most often neglected home maintenance tasks. But dryer-related incidents account for thousands of home fires per year. The dryer vent becomes clogged with lint and other debris over time (even when you clean the trap). Professionals have the tools and expertise to clear out the dryer exhaust and make sure that your home is safe.

Call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. for quality dryer vent cleaning and more in Minneapolis, MN.

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