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Is It Time to Retire Your Smoke Alarm?

Our chimney techs and fireplace experts want to make sure that your home is protected from the dangers of a chimney fire—and that you have time to act if smoke does begin to fill your home.

Schedule chimney inspections each year before you plan to use your fireplace. And take our advice about replacing and testing smoke alarms in your home.

How Often Should You Replace Your Smoke Alarm?

You should replace your smoke detector every ten years!

This is true even if you test the alarm and it seems to be working well. Smoke detectors do have an expiration date, and it’s not worth your home safety to keep yours around for too long. Don’t risk a failed smoke detector when you need it the most.

Here’s What to Do

Not sure how long your smoke alarm has been around? There should be a manufacturing date printed on the back of it. Remove the smoke alarm from the wall or from its mount. It typically lifts right out.

Check each and every smoke alarm in the home. There should be one in each bedroom, outside of sleeping areas, and on every floor of a multi-story home. If not, consider adding more into your home.

Don’t Forget to Test Your Alarm!

Test your smoke alarm each and every month! It’s so easy to do. Simply hold down the button, and you should hear a rather obnoxious sound (that would wake you up if you were sleeping). If this doesn’t work, you either need new batteries or else you need a new smoke alarm. If the alarm is not effective after you try the batteries, purchase a replacement ASAP.

If you have a fireplace you use during the winter, be sure to schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning as well. 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. offers expert advice and chimney services in Minneapolis, MN.

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