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Minneapolis Chimney Sweeping Tip: Reasons You May Need a Video Chimney Inspection

There is nothing quite as comforting on a cold night as making use of your Minneapolis fireplace. For those of you who use your fire places regularly the importance of having them swept out is probably well known. Modern technology offers more in the way of just chimney sweeping, though. If you have heard about video chimney inspection or have had it recommended, we’re guessing that you have a few questions. The first question is whether or not video chimney inspection is really necessary. The second is how to decide when to have a video chimney inspection performed. 2nd Generation Chimneys has some information to help answer these questions, and we encourage you to call with any others you may have.

First of all, like any service, chimney inspection is only necessary when there is reason to believe that you will benefit from the service. Our team will never recommend a service unless we truly believe that it will help diagnose a problem that other methods have failed to. When you have your chimney swept out a basic inspection is performed. If one of our trained chimney sweeps finds evidence of a problem with your chimney but is unable to find the cause, a video inspection may be a viable option. Likewise, if one of our customers is concerned about a performance issue with their chimney and we cannot find a reason for it, we will want to examine your chimney more thoroughly.

There are certain situations where it is pretty obvious that a video chimney inspection may be required. If there is evidence of a potential crack or void during the initial sweeping or inspection, for instance, or following a chimney fire. If you plan on relining your chimney flue it  certainly makes sense to ensure the integrity of your chimney beforehand.

The best way to decide whether or not you need a video chimney inspection is through communication. Only work with a professional Minneapolis chimney sweeping company that you trust and whose advice you feel comfortable in taking. If there does not seem to be any cause for a video inspection that’s fine. If your chimney sweep does recommend one, though, you want to be sure that it is because one is actually necessary. Call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. if you’re in the Twin Cities area. When you work with our trained, professional and certified team, you’re working with technicians you know you can trust.

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