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Minneapolis Chimney Sweep Q/A: Why Do I Need Chimney Cleaning if I Have a Pellet Stove?

Using alternative fuel sources for heat is becoming more and more popular in Minneapolis. Sometimes, though, people get misconceptions in their head when switching over to a different fuel source. If you’ve ever used wood to heat your home with a fireplace before then you hopefully know about the importance of chimney cleaning. Don’t think that just because wood pellets are advertised as “clean burning” that you don’t still need to maintain a clean, safe chimney.

Wood pellets are a clean burning source of heat. They consequently create less creosote than burning wood logs in your fireplace or in a wood burning stove. However, the chimney and flue utilized by these stoves still require professional cleaning, not only to work efficiently but to work safely. Don’t take any chances when heating your Minneapolis home with pellet stoves.

Wood stoves rely on the principle of chimney draft in order to operate. Pellet stoves, on the other hand, require a specially sealed exhaust pipe in or to work properly. This prevents exhaust from spilling out into your living space. A combustion blower within pellet stoves creates air pressure, in turn creating a need for double walled ventilation with a stainless steel interior. Thanks to this forced exhaust system, pellet stoves do not require a vertical rise in order to properly vent. They can be vented horizontally, straight through the wall of your living space.

If you do have a preexisting chimney you can choose to vent through that as well, but you will need a correctly sized stainless steel liner for your chimney in order to ensure proper drafting of the exhaust. This will prevent a drop in pressure cause by an oversized flue, allowing smoke to condense within the chimney and adversely affecting the performance of your stove.

However you choose to vent your pellet stove, whether through horizontal piping or straight up your fireplace’s chimney, it is important that you take all the right steps to ensure proper operation and safety. This includes using the right equipment and flue liners. It also includes professional Minneapolis chimney service. Remember, clean burning does not mean creosote free. Call 2nd Generation Chimney now with any questions you may have.

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