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New Home Chimney Cleaning and Inspection in Minneapolis

It is essential to have a chimney inspection and chimney cleaning performed when you purchase a new home.  You can never know exactly how the chimney and fireplace were maintained by the previous owner, and as such ensuring it is properly ventilated with a correctly functioning liner and flu is essential to making certain you remain free from fire hazards associated with improper chimney maintenance.  2nd Generation Chimneys is a professional chimney company in Minneapolis that performs these vital chimney services such as chimney inspection and chimney cleaning.  Let us help you and your family stay safe in your new home before you use your new chimney for the first time.

Chimney Inspection and Chimney Cleaning in New Homes

New homes can come with all sorts of unseen problems which a home inspection will normally uncover.  This way you are aware of the potentials prior to purchasing the home. That is why it is important to make certain you schedule a new home chimney inspection and chimney cleaning with a chimney company such as 2nd Generation Chimneys prior to using your new chimney at all.  This way you will ensure you have a clean chimney that is free from creosote buildup which is a major cause of chimney fires, free of soot which restricts airflow, and free of debris which can come from outside.

During the chimney inspection any deposits will be swept, a visual inspection of the fireplace and chimney itself will be performed to identify any construction defects which have occurred, as well as an internal inspection of the chimney with video inspection to ensure correct chimney cleaning has occurred and to look for other issues.

Professional Chimney Company

It is important to hire a professional chimney company in Minneapolis such as 2nd Generation Chimneys that performs regular chimney inspections and chimney cleanings for new homes as well as chimney maintenance services.  Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys and receive quality Minneapolis chimney services for your new home!

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