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Start the New Year Right with a Chimney Inspection

The new year is a time for a new start. If you missed out on chimney maintenance in the beginning of the winter, it’s not too late! We want every homeowner to have the opportunity to ensure that their chimneys are in tip-top shape, so that they can prevent potential home fires, water damage, and other issues.

Schedule a chimney inspection with a local chimney sweep. It’s important!

Prevent a Home Fire

It is easier for a chimney fire to spread to the outside of a home if there are problems within the structure of the chimney. A chimney inspection helps you to determine where there may be trouble with the masonry or the chimney liner, so that you can get a potential problem under control.

You should have a solid chimney liner or flue in place, properly sized to the size specifications of your chimney. If there is any problem with the liner you have in place, a technician will let you know so that you can lower your risk of a chimney fire or a health risk caused by smoke and other byproducts backing up into the home.

Problems with the masonry outside of the chimney are also an issue. Cracks and gaps may lead to water damage, which continues to weaken the structure of the chimney, not to mention the increased chance of a home fire.

Cleaning Is Also Necessary

We recommend more than just an inspection, as even small levels of creosote in the chimney can be dangerous. Creosote is a highly flammable substance that collects in a chimney over time as smoke and other byproducts meet moisture in the chimney. You can slow the collection of creosote with regular maintenance, but we recommend getting it cleaned each year, even if there is only a small amount. You should do whatever possible to prevent fires and have a happy and safe new year.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. offers chimney cleaning services to homeowners in the St. Paul area. Call our team today!

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