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Failure to Clean Dryer Vents Leads to Fires

Dry winter air can intensify the possibility of a home fire. And some of the most inconspicuous things in your home could be responsible for starting a fire that spreads to the outside of your home. One of these is a home’s clothes dryer.

Clothes dryer fires are surprisingly common, and the number one reason for a dryer fire is lack of maintenance on the part of the homeowner. This may be more involved than you think.

Dryer vent maintenance is more than cleaning the lint trap

Hopefully, you’re already taking one major step towards maintaining your clothes dryer—cleaning out the lint trap after each load of laundry, no matter what! Lint is highly flammable, and the heat from the dryer could make lint build-up dangerous (not to mention making the dryer a lot less effective).

But this is not the only thing you need to do to prevent a dryer fire in your home. Lint accumulates in other places, no matter how diligent you are about cleaning the lint trap.

There is a vent that leads from your dryer to the outside of the home so that heat, smoke, and other byproducts of the combustion process (like carbon monoxide) can vent away from the house. But lint trapped in the dryer makes this vent pipe dangerous over time, and it must be cleaned.

Call in professionals for dryer vent cleaning

Shouldn’t you take any opportunity you have to prevent a fire at your home? We recommend calling in specialists regularly to clean out your dryer vents. How often depends on your home and the layout of the dryer ducts.

Long ago, dryers were always placed near exterior walls, which meant a shorter, more efficient vent pipe. These days, however, the dryer can be anywhere in the home, but that means longer, more complex dryer vents that may need to be cleaned out more frequently.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. offers dryer vent cleaning in Minneapolis, MN. Call our friendly team today!

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