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Summer Is the Perfect Time to Install a Chimney Cap

Summer is a great time to do work on your house, and a chimney cap is an important, relatively inexpensive installation. If you don’t already have a solid chimney cap in place, then we strongly recommend calling in professional chimney technicians this summer. Check out what this installation can do for your home!

Keep Birds from Nesting

Birds may choose to make a nest in a hollow, warm chimney, while other animals may crawl in for shelter. This isn’t something you want to deal with, especially since it is illegal to move some nesting animals from atop a chimney. A chimney cap stops many animals from making themselves at home in your chimney and fireplace.

Prevent Water Damage

One of the biggest problems for a chimney or chimney flue is water. Water damage is problematic for a chimney, especially when winter hits. The freezing and thawing causes the masonry to expand and contract, causing structural damage to the chimney.

In addition, water in the chimney speeds along the buildup of creosote. Creosote is a highly flammable tarlike substance in the chimney, that may allow a fire to ignite, and potentially to spread to the outside of your home. Prevent chimney fires with proper chimney cleaning from a qualified technician and with the help of a chimney cap.

Fix Draft Issues

There are some misconceptions about a chimney cap’s influence on drafting. There must be a clear path for smoke and other byproducts to move out of the chimney, but a properly installed cap will not block this from happening, as many people believe.

In fact, a correctly installed chimney cap can correct draft issues. It may help to prevent downdrafts from sending smoke back into your living space. Make sure you call in expert chimney technicians!

Call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. for chimney cap installation in Minneapolis, MN.

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