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3 Hidden Fire Hazards You Should Get Checked

Hopefully, you and your family members all have a plan in place in case a home fire sets off alarms and forces you to vacate quickly. But, of course, we hope you never have to face this possibility—and you hope so too. You can lower your chances of a home fire by taking away any potential fire hazards that could be hidden in your home. Here’s what you should have checked today!


The wiring is not really something you can see, but electrical fires account for tens of thousands of home fires per year. A lot of electrical fires start with shorts in the wires, also known as arc faults. But arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) can help. Upgrading your electrical system to have AFCIs can stop a potential short just as it happens, preventing electrical fires. Call an electrician to learn more.


A chimney fire is always a threat, even though you’d like to assume your own chimney is safe to use. Many people think that if they don’t use their chimneys often, there’s not a chance for it to become too dirty or worn. But excess creosote buildup, water damage, and chimney liner cracks are always a possibility. Have a chimney inspection and cleaning completed this summer to prevent chimney fires in the winter.

Dryer Vent

The clothes dryer that you use every week is a lot more dangerous than you may think. Cleaning the lint trap each day doesn’t prevent the possibility that your dryer vent will clog up with lint and other debris that could catch fire easily. It’s a slow buildup, in most cases, but lint can collect faster if you have a long vent with too many angles in it. Regardless, have a technician clean out the dryer duct every year. Thousands of fires a year begin with this vent!

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. offers dryer vent cleaning and chimney inspections and cleaning in Minneapolis, MN. Call us today!

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