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Don’t Have a Chimney Cap? Install One Before Winter

Why would you worry about your chimney before the winter comes and makes you want to use your fireplace all of the time? Because it’s vital that your chimney is protected from damage throughout the whole year, so that it is safe when winter comes. And having a quality chimney cap helps to ensure it is (along with routine inspections and cleaning).

Find out here why we think you should have a chimney cap throughout the year if you live in St. Paul, MN, and schedule an appointment for installation with our technicians today!

Why A Chimney Cap Is Important Year Round

One immediate payoff of a chimney cap, installed atop your chimney, is that it keeps birds from nesting there. While this isn’t its sole purpose, it’s a nice plus.

More importantly, when you have a chimney cap, your home and your chimney are protected. You avoid water damage that can make your home unsafe in the winter, and safety is something we can all get behind.

When water gets into the chimney, it could damage the masonry. This is especially true in the winter, when the masonry can expand and contract as the water freezes and thaws. This structural damage could potentially allow for a chimney fire to spread to the outside of your home.

Many people worry that a chimney cap will interfere with the draft moving out of the chimney, but the opposite is true. A chimney cap, which typically vents from the sides, helps to keep downdrafts from coming in from the top of the chimney.

Call your local chimney technicians to install your chimney cap today. You must ensure that qualified technicians install it so that you feel confident your chimney will be safe.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. offers fireplace and chimney services in St. Paul, MN. Call our team today!

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