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3 Reasons to Schedule Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

The clothes dryer is a convenience that many of us cannot picture life without. Gone are the days of hanging up clothes on a line to dry; today, you simply load up your wet clothes, turn a knob, press a button, and you can expect to have dry, comfortable clothing within the hour. While you know to clean out the lint filter with each cycle, you probably don’t give any additional thought to maintaining your clothes dryer. But when you neglect to schedule professional dryer vent cleaning on a regular basis, you risk a whole lot. Here’s why this service is so valuable.

Prevent Fires

The dryer vent leads to the outdoors, and although you clean your filter with each load, lint from the drying cycle can still enter the vent. This can build up in the vent and lead to a serious fire hazard. Don’t think it’s so serious? Actually, dryers are the number one source of fires in homes (electric or gas). Professional dryer vent cleaning removes this danger and keeps your home a little bit safer.

Save Energy

When the dryer hose is clogged with lint, the dryer itself cannot run as efficiently as it once did. You may find that the cycle takes longer to complete, which means that it is using a lot more energy to run. In fact, this is a good indicator that dryer vent cleaning is necessary, but we do not recommend waiting until this point to schedule service. Call a professional dryer vent cleaning service professional at the first sign of a struggling system (when no electrical or mechanical problems are evident) and get on a regular dryer vent cleaning schedule to lower your energy costs and protect your family.

Be Certain It’s Done Right

Choosing professionals for dryer vent cleaning is the only way to make sure it is done right. You can look up how-to guides online, but an experienced technician has the right tools and expertise to make sure that any potential hazards are eliminated completely.

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