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Signs That Would Indicate You Need Fireplace Repair

A fireplace is often a welcome addition to your home, helping you save money on heating bills while providing a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the bargain. Fireplaces are practically necessities in cold weather cities like Eden Prairie, MN. It is essential fireplace repair service providers must respond quickly to an issue, especially during the winter months when homeowners use it as often as possible. You can maintain your fireplace for many years with routine cleaning and maintenance. But eventually, your fireplace is bound to require a little more care.

Here are a few signs that would indicate you need fireplace repair.

The first and most obvious sign of trouble is when smoke backs up from the fireplace into your home. That means that the chimney is either blocked or has suffered damage that make it unable to do its job. There are many possible causes for this. Creosote could build up inside the chimney, birds can build nests in it during the warm season, leaves and other debris could clog it up, and the chimney itself may have suffered structural damage.

A similar but distinct issue concerns poor draw, which takes place when a chimney isn’t tall enough, isn’t wide enough, or doesn’t have sufficient air flow to pull the smoke up when a fire is lit. The effects are similar – a room full of smoke – but correcting it may involve more serious chimney repairs instead of just a thorough cleaning.

You may also experience issues of excessive draft: when too much air comes down your chimney, chilling your home and even putting out a fire you’re trying to light. In many cases, this is caused by external factors, such as a chimney built too low behind a nearby structure or the presence of trees too close to the chimney.

Regardless of the causes, these signs definitely indicate that you need fireplace repair. That means dealing with the issue before the snows falls. Eden Prairie fireplace repair falls under the purveyance of 2nd Generation Chimneys. We can perform a thorough inspection, then advise you on the best way to solve your fireplace problems. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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