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Top Reasons to Have a Fireplace in Your Home


It’s the holiday season, and that means you’ve probably seen a flood of images of people relaxing in rooms lit with the warm glow of a yuletide blaze in a fireplace. It’s one of the classic images of the winter holidays.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I’d really like that experience here in my home, and turning on a video fireplace from YouTube on the living room television screen just isn’t the same.” 

We’re glad you showed up here, because we’re the experts when it comes to fireplace installation in Minneapolis, MN. We handle installing wood inserts, wood stoves, electric inserts, and electric fireplaces. We know what fireplaces can bring to a home, and here’s our list of the top reasons you should think about getting a fireplace.


“Well, of course,” you think. But fireplaces can deliver more warmth than you may realize, and this goes beyond the fireplace as a decoration. Because fireplaces send out radiant heat, and wood stoves radiate heat from all sides, they can warm up entire rooms and keep them warm for hours. You won’t need to rely on your central heating system as much, helping you save energy and money.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that using a fireplace is one of the most efficient ways to provide heat to a space? Especially if you have a wood-burning insert or wood-burning stove. This is another way having a fireplace can lower your heating costs.


There’s really nothing like the warmth from a fireplace, is there? After all, nobody says, “Let’s all gather around the vents from the furnace and relax.” Furnaces and other central heating systems are essential for modern living, but they’re utilitarian and people don’t get excited about them. A fireplace provides heat but also a sense of coziness that’s not only good for your body, it’s good for your mood and your mind. Yes, fireplaces are therapeutic!

Family Gathering Place

Family life can be hectic, with everyone off doing their own thing much of the time. With a fireplace in a home, you create a gathering place that’s inviting and picturesque. Families often gather around the kitchen because it’s central to the house, but if you want to have warmer memories, a fireplace is the perfect place to become the new social hub of your house.

Higher Resale Value

Other people love fireplaces, too! This appeal can help raise the value of your home if you have plans to sell it at some point.

Holiday Joy

We’ll return to the season to close out because the winter holidays are one of the best reasons to have a fireplace. Whether the glowing hearth is there for your family, a romantic evening, or a gathering at a party, it’ll make the holidays that much more joyful. Dare we say it will make your day more merry and bright? (We can guarantee the “White Christmas” part because this is Minnesota, after all.)

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. serves Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Communities. Call us today to learn more about our installation services and your options for a fireplace.

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