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Here Are Risks You Need to Know About Your Chimney


Using a fireplace in a home is one of the great joys of the winter season, and we’re certain you’re looking forward to spending time with your family around the roaring hearth. But before we get too deep into the fireplace season, we want to talk to you about some of the dangers that might lurk in your chimney.

Chimneys and fireplaces need special attention, and it’s our job to provide our customers with the best in chimney inspections and chimney cleaning in Minneapolis, MN to ensure they can stay safe and cozy each year.

Let’s look at several of the common issues that might make your chimney unsafe and the best ways to deal with them or prevent them.

Creosote Buildup

Creosote, a byproduct of burning wood, will accumulate inside a chimney over time. This sticky black substance not only reduces a fireplace’s efficiency, it also poses a significant fire hazard because it’s highly combustible. Studies show that a large number of house fires each year are due to creosote build-up in chimneys. Regular cleanings are essential to remove creosote and prevent potential disasters.


Chimneys can become blocked by various debris, bird nests, or even small animals—and raccoons, which aren’t small!—seeking shelter. These blockages can cause poor ventilation and, in severe cases, cause dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. Routine cleanings are key to making sure your chimney not only works efficiently but won’t push toxic carbon monoxide into your house and endanger your family’s health.

Structural Damage

Chimneys may seem invincible, but they’re subject to intense wear and tear from the weather. Just simple freezing and thawing can cause chimney mortar to start to break apart and weaken. Given enough time, and with neglect of repairs and regular inspections, a chimney can start to lose its structural integrity. A routine Level 1 inspection can point to where a chimney needs professional repairs to keep it in the best shape.


A neglected chimney can overheat, leading to various problems such as cracked flue tiles and warped metal parts. Overheating not only compromises how well the chimney works, it also poses a fire risk because the heat from the chimney can reach other levels of the house. 


We recommend that you have an annual Level 1 chimney inspection, preferably before the winter season begins. If our experts discover serious issues, we’ll advise you to schedule a Level 2 inspection to see what sort of repairs we may need to do. You can also schedule cleanings along with these inspections. Even if you don’t use your chimney often, you’ll need to have routine cleanings to keep it clear of obstructions and animals.

Take the proactive step of scheduling a professional chimney inspection or cleaning today so you can enjoy a worry-free winter season by the fire. You and your family deserve it, and we’re the people who can help!

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. serves Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Communities. Call us today to schedule chimney inspections or cleanings.

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