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A Tilting Chimney Isn’t Picturesque, It’s a Problem


We’ve all seen those pretty paintings of cottages with thatched roofs and brick chimneys with a slight tilt to them. In those pictures, things look picturesque and peaceful and they very well may be. Part of that peacefulness comes with a problem though.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a tilting chimney is quaint because it is actually dangerous for you and everyone in your home.

Professionals know that a variety of problems can lead to a tilt in your chimney. We also know that this is an issue that can be righted with chimney repair in Minneapolis. Learn more about the issue and the solution here.

Why A Chimney Tilt Is a Problem

When your chimney starts to tilt, it indicates more than one type of problem. First, this can prove a safety hazard if the chimney starts to lose bricks, which may hit anyone outside of the home or damage your roof. Secondly, a chimney tilt can lead to damage to your chimney flue, creating leaks or cracks that can mess with the airflow out of the chimney. Thirdly, when that tilt starts to mess with your flue, it can create an increased risk of smoke and gas being pushed into your home, rather than venting outside where it belongs.

Potential Causes of a Tilt

A strong wind isn’t going to suddenly blow over your chimney. There are other factors that can lead to a chimney that starts to lean or tilt with time. These possible causes can include:

  • Spalling bricks: Bricks that have begun to peel and crumble are known as “spalling” bricks. Spalling bricks are being infiltrated by moisture and will eventually crumble out of the chimney or may fall out entirely.
  • Foundation problems: Have you had a flood or other major event recently that impacted the foundation of your home? If so, it likely also impacted the foundation of your chimney. If that foundation shifts, it can cause the chimney to leak.
  • Improper drainage: This can prove damaging to both your chimney and your roof. When there is improper drainage around the chimney it can lead to pooling water that starts to undermine the chimney’s integrity and cause it to lean.
  • Mortar problems: Your bricks aren’t the only part of your chimney that may start to struggle. The mortar in between the bricks may also become compromised over the years, causing it to break down and create other issues that lead to a chimney tilt.

How We Solve The Problem

This is not the time to try a DIY solution. Chimney integrity issues of any variety are a big problem that absolutely require professional service to fix. That’s why we provide chimney repairs throughout the area.

Our team has the right tools, training, and experience to get any chimney service done correctly and safely. We can replace spalling bricks, assess compromised foundations, and even repair the damage done to the chimney flue. You can count on 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to get your chimney back to standing up straight.

Contact the experts at 2nd Generations Chimneys, Inc. to get your chimney fixed.

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