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Let’s Make Sure a Furry Friend Didn’t Make Your Chimney Their Home

Temperatures have dropped which means that everyone is trying to stay in areas that are warm and dry. This doesn’t apply to just humans; critters and creepy crawlers are trying to find cozy places to hole up for the winter. In fact, they may already have found a spot they love and never want to leave: your chimney.

Your chimney needs to be unobstructed when you want to use it. But if there is a nest stuffed in there or damage to the flue from an animal invasion, you’ll have a hard time getting your fireplace to function properly. Getting a chimney inspection in Minneapolis, MN is a great way to see if you need to clear out left-behind animal debris or evict some small invaders from your chimney before the fire is lit.

Why Animals Love Getting into Your Chimney

If you were living outside in the elements and you found a place to stay warm, dry, and relatively safe, you would probably try to move in too! A chimney is going to be far more cozy compared to the outdoors. Animals run on survival instinct so they will be attracted to these areas because it gives them a safe area to sleep and, in some cases, start a family. This is well and good when it is outside, but can be a big problem when it happens in your chimney flue.

Why Chimney Squatters Are a Problem

It may not occur to you at first why having small animals or even bugs in the chimney is an issue. However, animals in the chimney flue can present a variety of problems such as:

  • Damage to the chimney flue: Squirrels, rats, raccoons, and other small creatures that may be in your chimney can damage your flue, the metal lining that sits within your chimney. This is bad since leaks or holes in the flue can create airflow issues and allow moisture to impact your chimney and fireplace. Additionally, there may have been damage sustained by your chimney crown or screen when those animals got into the chimney.
  • Leftover debris: Maybe you had some small animals that holed up in your chimney and recently left. The problem is that they undoubtedly left behind a bunch of fur, nesting materials, and other unsavory detritus. If you try to use your fireplace without clearing this debris, it can result in unpleasant and hazardous things such as a fire or bad smells.
  • Hindered airflow: Using your fireplace and chimney without fully clearing out any debris can lead to airflow issues. Reduced airflow out of the home means a higher risk of smoke re-entering your home.

How We Can Help

Have you had a chimney inspection yet? If not, then now is a perfect time! This can give your technician a chance to examine your chimney, get rid of any animal debris or animals, and clean and sanitize the flue. This will allow you to enjoy the full, unobstructed use of your fireplace system this winter when you depend on it the most.

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