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Minneapolis Chimney Tip: Why Is Chimney Flashing So Important?

Chimney Flashing is a term for the metal used to wrap exposed parts of your roof and chimney to protect them from water damage. While most of your roof—whether asphalt shingles or metal sheets—is designed to shed water rapidly, the areas at the roof edge, as well as those surrounding vents and chimneys must be protected, for it is in these areas that water tends to seep in. The area around your chimney needs special attention because it is essentially a hole in your roof. Making sure your roofing joins to the outside of your chimney is critical to ensure that water does not cause damage to your roof or create mold problems in your home. For more information about the importance of Chimney Flashing, or for Minneapolis chimney repair, call 2nd Generation Chimneys today!

  • What it is. Chimney Flashing is the name for thin metal sheets that act to prevent water from reaching susceptible areas of your home. It is part of weatherproof construction, which uses impervious materials to make your home shed water effectively. Chimney Flashing can be made out of any sheet metal, including aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, or stainless steel. The choice of material depends upon the application and the budget.
  • Why it is important. Chimney Flashing is important because it protects water from damaging the area around your chimney. As one of the major areas of potential water damage, your chimney needs to be joined to the rest of the weatherproof design on the roof. Improper or inadequate Chimney Flashing can result in major roof and chimney damages. Because your chimney protrudes, it is the first to undergo wind and water during a storm. Chimney Flashing allows a seamless fit.
  • The risk of water damage. If water is permitted to pool in and around your chimney structure, it cannot only require a major roof repair; it can be a breeding ground for mold growth, which can then seep into the interior walls. You need to ensure that your Chimney Flashing material is of high quality and that it lasts long—copper is generally acknowledged to be one of the best materials for Chimney Flashing.

For comprehensive chimney installation, repair, and maintenance in Minneapolis, MN, call 2nd Generation Chimneys today!

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