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You Need Chimney Repairs? You Need Great Masonry Services!

chimneyChimney services are not as cut and dry as they used to be. These days, we are nearly as likely to respond to calls regarding gas fireplace inserts or gas log fireplaces as we are masonry chimneys. That being said, brick and mortar chimneys are still a major part of our service offerings, and they are still a major responsibility!

When you need chimney repairs, you need professional masonry services in Minneapolis, MN. You just cannot trust your local handyperson or maintenance worker with the type of services that masonry chimneys demand. There is a lot more to it than slapping up some fresh mortar. Schedule your masonry services with us, and know that the job is done right.

Problems Caused by Damaged Chimneys

The chimney is not all that complicated, right? It’s a bunch of bricks and mortar that allows smoke to be vented out of the house. No big deal. Well, first of all, masonry chimneys are actually a lot more complicated than some homeowners seem to think they are, for some reason. They are also prone to certain issues.

If you have damages in your chimney, that chimney can leak smoke into your home. This can lead to very serious problems, depending upon the size of the leak. Your smoke alarms will be going off, your family will be coughing, and your clothes will smell like smoke. It is especially problematic in those homes where residents have respiratory issues.

This is hardly the end of the problems, though. A damaged chimney can also seriously put your safety at risk. How—through smoke inhalation? Well, no, though you obviously don’t want to be inhaling smoke that is failing to go up the chimney properly. However, here we are talking about the risk of fire.

Safe Chimneys Contain Fire

Creosote builds up in chimneys over time, and it is flammable. If your chimney has holes in it due to masonry issues,  then any fire that does start in your chimney can wind up spreading as it escapes through these weak spots. We are not alarmists,  but that is a pretty terrifying prospect.

The last thing that you want to do is to put your own safety, that of your family, or the condition of your property at risk because you failed to deal with masonry problems in a timely manner. If you notice that your chimney is crumbling in spots, if you ever see smoke escaping from the chimney’s body, or if you notice signs of water leaks, etc., contact us right away.

Our masonry repair experts will use the right materials for the job, and we’ll follow the best practices for any masonry repairs that you may need. Just because your chimney is not a complex mechanical system doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can go wrong! When in doubt, give us a shout!

Schedule your masonry services in Minneapolis, MN with 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.

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