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Minneapolis Chimney Guide: Common Chimney Problems

Making use of your Minneapolis home’s fireplace is a great way to relax. Even if you use it only infrequently, though, it is important to have your fireplace and chimney professionally inspected annually. Not only does this keep your chimney  working properly and safely, it also allows professional chimney sweeps to discover any existing or developing problems within your chimney. At 2nd Generation Chimneys we want you to feel confident when using your home’s fireplace. Here’s some information about common chimney problems and conditions that can be discovered and dealt with by a professional service company.

  • Creosote Buildup: Creosote is a tarry substance that results from the burning of wood in your fireplace. It is a byproduct of the burning process and its production cannot be avoided. As long as you have your chimney cleaned annually creosote should pose no danger. However, if left to itself long enough it can be responsible for fires within your chimney. Regular, professional chimney maintenance will cut down on the creosote buildup in your chimney, keeping your fireplace and chimney as safe as possible.
  • Damaged Chimney Cap or Crown: The crown of your chimney sits at the top of the structure to protect exposed masonry chimneys from being damaged by weather or water. The cap is a roofed addition that helps keep water out of your chimney and may have a screen to keep animals and birds out as well. A faulty cap or screen can let in unwanted debris and pests, and can even result in damage to your fireplace’s flue.
  • Damaged Flue: The flue of your fireplace allows combustion gases to vent. A damaged flue can allow gases to seep into your house and lead to the erosion of the chimney’s masonry and brickwork. This puts the structural integrity of your entire chimney at risk.
  • Cracks in Lining of Chimney: Any cracks or damage to the flue lining must be dealt with immediately. This can lead to leaking gases and escaping heat, putting the interior of your home at risk of fire or exposure to gases. It can also lead to blockages and improper ventilation.

When properly maintained your fireplace is a perfectly safe, enjoyable way to relax and heat your home. Annual professional maintenance will alleviate any concern you have about the functionality of your chimney. If you have any cause to suspect a problem with your chimney’s structure or operation, or if you’d just like more information, call the Minneapolis chimney professionals at 2nd Generation Chimneys.

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