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The Dangers of a Dryer Fire and How to Prevent One

It’s so surprising for many homeowners to learn that their dryers could lead to a potential home fire. In fact, thousands of fires begin as a result of poor dryer maintenance each and every year. Don’t let this home convenience cost you thousands of dollars in property damages, and don’t let it endanger your family members. Learn about the dangers of dryer vent fires and the importance of professional maintenance here.

Cleaning the lint trap isn’t enough

It’s something you’ve heard since you first started using a dryer: you have to clean out the lint trap before (or after) each use. When there is too much lint built up in the trap, the airflow into your dryer is effectively reduced, which means longer drying times and decreased efficiency. This can lead to overheating, and your dryer is likely to shut down from all the extra heat.

But the lint trap is not the only place lint can collect. The dryer vent, designed to exhaust dangerous combustion byproducts to the outside of your home, is bound to collect some lint as well, especially if you have a particularly long exhaust vent. And this dryer lint is highly combustible. A dryer fire could spark and spread to the outside of your home.

Professional dryer vent cleaning is tough

The dryer vent that leads to the outside of your home is not really easy for you to access on your own. And besides, you probably don’t have the proper tools on hand and the right training to reach into the dryer vent safely without damaging the vent materials. If you want the job done right, call in a professional. Professional dryer cleaning every few years comes at a relatively low price when you consider that this service could save your life.

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