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Common Gas Fireplace Repairs We Encounter

A gas fireplace is an inexpensive and convenient alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. They typically still use wood as fuel, but they contain a gas line allowing you to light fires more easily and keep the fire burning until sufficient heat and coals have built up to let it burn on its own. And yes, gas fireplaces become damaged and require repair sometimes, just like everything else. Fireplace repair in Minneapolis is particularly important because our cold winters are no fun without a warm and crackling fire to keep your home heated. At 2nd Generation Chimneys, we’ve seen and dealt with all manner of fireplace issues.

Here are some common gas fireplace repairs we encounter.

Most repairs stem from one of two general areas. The first is the gas line itself. If it becomes damaged or the valve malfunctions, gas won’t enter your fireplace and you’ll have to light it the old fashioned way. (Requiring time and effort to do so.) Even worse, if the gas line springs a leak, it constitutes a direct danger to your family and needs to be dealt with immediately. Both situations are fairly common issues and we know how to handle them safely and efficiently.

The second area where repair issues crop up is in the chimney itself. Our calls often involve blocked air flow, which can result from detritus (like leaves or birds’ nests) lodged in the chimney or even damage to the structure of the chimney itself. Another chimney issue arises with the build-up of creosote along the chimney walls. This can create a fire hazard within the chimney and requires professional cleaning to correct.

Regardless of the situation, 2nd Generation Chimneys is here to help. We can handle many, if not all, of the common gas fireplace repairs we encounter, and we know how to work quickly and efficiently. That’s particularly important when it comes to repairing fireplaces in Minneapolis, since our fickle weather often sets a tight schedule for fixing things.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment. We’ll help you get your fireplace back into action!

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