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The Facts about Water Damage and Chimneys

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Many people assume that their chimney is strong enough to endure quite a bit. Besides, the chimney is located outdoors, and it is designed withstand fire, so it should be sturdy enough to tolerate any instances of poor weather. However, this way of thinking leads many chimneys to go without service for far too long. And without any maintenance at all, your chimney may deteriorate quickly and become a fire risk for your home, all due in part to a seemingly harmless substance: water.

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Why You Should Schedule Professional Masonry Chimney Cleaning Today

Monday, April 20th, 2015

The masonry chimney is just what you picture when you think of a traditional chimney and fireplace. Masonry chimneys are built of various materials such as brick, mortar, stone, and concrete. This is different from a prefabricated chimney which is preassembled (factory built) and packaged as a single unit with the prefabricated fireplace. These are usually made of metal, though they may be designed to look like a traditional firebox and chimney. Masonry chimneys are often thought to be so durable (often more so than prefab) that they need little care through the year, but this is not the case. Here’s why you should schedule masonry chimney cleaning today (especially if it’s been a long time).

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3 Myths about Chimneys that Could Put Your Home at Risk

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Many people are fairly unfamiliar with the chimney they make use of every winter. It is such a great feeling to walk into a room kept warm and cozy by the light of a glowing fireplace, that you may not take the time to think about what’s really going on inside of the chimney. Chimneys require a certain level of regular care and maintenance, and believing otherwise could put your home and family members in jeopardy. Today, we’ll take a look at three common myths about chimneys, so that you can get the facts and take the proper steps to keep your unit safe.

Myth #1: Chimneys and fireplaces are a great, maintenance-free source of heating.

One of the most dangerous beliefs about fireplaces is that little needs to be done to keep them in good condition. A standard forced-air heating system such as a furnace contains multiple moving and electrical components, and these must all be in good condition if you want the heater to run efficiently and operate correctly and safely. Although it lacks the mechanical complexity of a furnace, your chimney needs just as much maintenance in the form of annual inspections and cleaning. A dirty chimney can lead to a chimney fire, so be sure to get on a chimney cleaning schedule today.

Myth #2: I don’t use my chimney often, so I can skip an inspection this year.

Chimney fires most commonly result when creosote builds up in the chimney flue. Your chimney is meant to provide a pathway for the dangerous byproducts of combustion to move away from the home. However, as condensation forms in the chimney flue, a residue forms from these byproducts known as creosote. If conditions in your chimney are not quite right—if the damper is not adequately opened, for example—creosote may build up more quickly. So even if you don’t use your chimney very often, you may still have a significant buildup, and it is worth it to get an inspection.

Myth #3: A good chimney sweep will get through the job fast.

If a chimney sweep service promises you fast inspection and cleaning, be wary. A chimney expert will take time to make sure that your chimney is in top shape, something that should take over an hour.

When you decide it is time for quality chimney inspections and chimney cleaning in Minneapolis, MN, 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. is the name to trust. Call Us Today! 612.922.9600 or 1-888-PIXLEYS

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3 Reasons to Schedule Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Monday, April 13th, 2015

The clothes dryer is a convenience that many of us cannot picture life without. Gone are the days of hanging up clothes on a line to dry; today, you simply load up your wet clothes, turn a knob, press a button, and you can expect to have dry, comfortable clothing within the hour. While you know to clean out the lint filter with each cycle, you probably don’t give any additional thought to maintaining your clothes dryer. But when you neglect to schedule professional dryer vent cleaning on a regular basis, you risk a whole lot. Here’s why this service is so valuable.

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What You Should Know about Your Prefabricated Fireplace

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Nothing really compares to the warmth and comfort of a fireplace. While furnaces and boilers can heat up the entire home, a fireplace brings a family together, providing a place for everyone to gather and discuss the day’s events. Traditionally, fireplaces were made entirely of durable materials like stone and mortar, but today you can also choose a prefabricated, mostly assembled fireplace instead. Here are a few things you should know about this relatively new type of fireplace.

A Prefabricated Fireplace Differs from a Traditional Masonry Fireplace

A masonry fireplace may be composed of bricks or stone and mortar, among other materials, while prefabricated fireplaces are made of a lightweight metal. A traditional masonry fireplace is designed and built to fit your home, while a metal fireplace comes pre-assembled to be set up by a technician. While a masonry fireplace may have a traditional look and feel, installation is time-consuming and costly. A prefabricated fireplace chimney may be more efficient than a masonry fireplace and chimney, while a masonry fireplace may last for longer.

The Fireplace and the Chimney Belong Together in a Set

In a prefabricated chimney, the fireplace and the chimney are designed to go together as a set. They are tested together for safety and often sold and packaged together as well. It is always recommended that you install them as a set for efficiency and safety.

A Prefabricated Chimney Will Last Long with Proper Care

Like any heating system, a prefabricated chimney deserves a certain level of maintenance so that it can continue to work safely and efficiently. This includes regular cleaning and inspections, preferably once each year. It’s also vital to have a professional install a new prefabricated fireplace to make sure there is enough air clearance and that the unit is carefully inspected before use.

Call the chimney and fireplace experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. for fireplace installation, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs in Minneapolis. Our professional technicians are certified nationally for chimney relining, sweeping, inspection, and more.

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