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Common Problems a Chimney Inspection May Reveal


A well-maintained chimney is crucial to keep your fireplace working well for many years and to ensure the fireplace doesn’t create safety hazards. A key part of maintaining your chimney is to schedule routine professional inspections for it.

We recommend having an inspection in Edina, MN done once a year. You can arrange for the service with our pros. We’ll carefully inspect your chimney to locate and address any problems before they can worsen into more expensive repairs or a safety risk.

If you’re wondering what we’re looking for specifically during an inspection, just follow us below. You’ll have a better idea of why these inspections are so important once you know what we might find.

Problems We May Find During a Chimney Inspection

Creosote Buildup

Creosote, a byproduct of burning wood, tends to accumulate on the inner walls of chimneys over time. It’s a sticky and highly flammable substance that creates a dual problem: it will make the chimney vent less effectively and it will create a risk of chimney fires. During an inspection, we’ll see how much creosote is in your chimney and make recommendations on when you need our chimney sweeps to perform a cleaning.

Cracks in the Chimney Structure

Cracks in a chimney can occur because of repeated freezing and thawing (a major occurrence in Minnesota), the foundation settling, and harsh weather conditions. Cracks pose a problem for the chimney’s stability, but much more immediately, they can allow heat and fire to escape through the chimney walls to flammable building materials. If we locate cracks, we’ll recommend repairs such as tuckpointing or more extensive reconstruction.

Damper Issues

The damper seems like such a simple device, but it’s important for the control of the flow of air and regulation of heat. If you’ve got a faulty damper, it will lead to energy waste and inefficient heating. During an inspection, please tell us if you’ve noticed problems with opening and closing the damper. We’ll check it out and determine if it needs repairs or a replacement.


Creosote isn’t the only source of chimney blockages. We’ve found many different obstructions inside chimneys over the years: accumulation of soot, debris from storms, bird nests, and even raccoons. Any blockage stops proper ventilation, and that can mean smoke and carbon monoxide getting pushed down into your house. We know how to remove a whole range of blockages that we might uncover.

Flue Tile Damage

The flue tiles line the chimney interior to protect it from combustion. When these tiles are damaged, they make it harder for the chimney to hold the heat and gases from the fire. We’ll closely inspect the flue tiles to see if they require repairs or replacements to keep the chimney working safely.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Professional Chimney Inspections

Some homeowners may try to do a DIY chimney inspection, but these have only limited benefits. A proper inspection requires licensed chimney sweeps with the right equipment. Our technicians are certified with the CCP (Certified Chimney Professionals), so you can trust they have the training to do a thorough and accurate inspection.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. serves Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Communities. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a chimney inspection.

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