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The Importance of a Fully Functional Chimney Liner in Andover

During recent chimney cleaning appointments in Andover we have noticed a few homes that have a “single wythe” chimney style, which means they do not have a chimney liner or chimney flue.  These single wythe chimneys only consist of a single layer of brick, which threatens the safety and structure of the entire chimney.  Problems venting gases and smoke also quickly arise with these types of chimneys if there are any cracks or structural damage with the chimney.  Sparks, ambers and hot smoke can easily escape from these cracks in single wythe chimneys as well.

In many cities across the country it is actually illegal to build a chimney without a chimney liner.  There are so many benefits to having a chimney liner that it has become a mandatory aspect of chimneys.

Another old chimney building trend that we have noticed during chimney sweeping assignments is using one chimney column to vent chimney smoke and gases from combustion based heating equipment.  This is never a good idea to do because the ventilation of a chimney is not built the same as the ventilation of a fireplace, so the ability for a chimney to remove harmful gases from a home will be reduced.

If you notice a reduction in your chimney’s ability to vent smoke or fumes out of your home it is time to call 2nd Generation Chimneys.  We will inspect your entire chimney to determine what the problem is.  Whether all you need is a quick chimney cleaning, or a few chimney repairs we will be able to help.

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