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What You Should Know about Your Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces use a convenient and efficient fuel source to heat up your living space. Many elegant designs are available, and some are designed to look like the classic wood fireplace. They can heat up at the touch of a button, which makes them seem easy and low-maintenance.

Gas Fireplaces Need Inspections Too

You’ve probably heard before that wood fireplaces require a certain level of maintenance to operate safely. Annual inspections help to ensure that the byproducts of the fuel combustion process are vented safely.

Gas furnaces may seem a lot safer than wood fireplaces. And many people have heard that chimneys of wood fireplaces develop creosote quickly and need frequent inspections. But modern gas fireplaces are also prone to incomplete combustion and excessive condensation. Chimney flue corrosion is a serious issue that could lead to unsafe conditions, so make sure that you have an inspection each year.

The Flue or Chimney Liner Must Be Sized Properly

One of the main problem with many gas fireplace installations is an improperly sized flue. When the gas fireplace is installed or replaced, many installers just keep the chimney or flue vent that was already there. But your fireplace was designed for precision ventilation. You may need your flue vent resized or a chimney liner added to make sure your system works safely and efficiently.

Work with Professional Chimney Sweeps

Experts who know about the relationship between furnace type and size and chimney liner and sizing can offer the best advice on how to keep things running smoothly. Sometimes, the preventative measures can help to save you from unsafe conditions and more expensive replacements and renovations later on. Schedule an inspection for your gas fireplace today. Summer is a great time, as certified technicians are waiting to help!

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