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3 of the Most Common Chimney Repairs

At this time of year, your mind may be far away from the troubles of winter. But if you’re not considering services for your chimney now, it may be too late when the cold weather returns. This is the perfect time to schedule any repairs you may need or to get an inspection so that you can feel confident using your chimney and fireplace in the winter. Right now, it’s a lot easier to get an appointment on your own time, and it is important for your family’s safety. Here are 3 common repairs technicians are happy to make for you this spring or summer.

Masonry Repair

One of the most common methods of repairing issues with the brickwork is called “tuckpointing.” This is a way of using two different colors of mortar (one that matches the brickwork and one that looks like the original mortar) to make the chimney look like new. More importantly, it helps to prevent fires, as the chimney is no longer as vulnerable to moisture.

Relining the Chimney

When there are cracks in the flue of the chimney, in can become a major safety hazard. Most chimneys these days are built with flue liners, which allow smoke and gases to vent efficiently. If your liner becomes cracked, a chimney fire is more likely to spread to the combustible areas of the home. Clay tile liners may be prone to cracking, and stainless steel liners are highly recommended.

Chimney Cap Repair

The chimney cap plays a big role in protecting your chimney. This feature prevents water from damaging your chimney, and water is actually one of the biggest threats to any chimney. Schedule an inspection today to find out if your chimney cap needs repair or replacement.

Count on 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to thoroughly inspect your chimney in the Minneapolis–St. Paul, MN areas and make any necessary repairs. Call us today!

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