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Could Winter Weather Have Damaged Your Chimney?

In the spring time, you may not be so concerned with the state of your chimney. However, the winter weather may have done some damage to your chimney, whether or not it was used frequently. For your health and safety in the coming winter, it’s important to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection visit with a trained professional in order to make sure your chimney remains safe to operate for another year.

Moisture damage is the biggest threat to your chimney

One of the main reasons to schedule spring cleaning for your chimney is the amount of moisture that your chimney was subjected to in the winter. Water is the biggest threat to any chimney, particularly when it freezes and thaws regularly. This is because it the freezing and thawing means it continuously expands and contracts in the mortar which can allow cracks to form in the masonry.

If the masonry develops cracks, your chimney cannot vent properly, and it can make it more likely for a chimney fire to spread. Winter weather can also damage other components of your chimney, including the crown. And through the winter, your chimney is likely to have developed quite a bit of creosote, something that certainly warrants a spring chimney cleaning (as this is highly flammable).

What’s involved in a chimney sweeping visit?

Any chimney sweeping visit should include an inspection, but the type of inspection you get depends on the age of your chimney and the time of your last inspection. A Level 1 inspection is somewhat basic, including a complete look at all of the accessible components of your chimney and fireplace. Level 2 and Level 3 inspections are more advanced, and may be necessary if the technician notices anything unusual upon initial inspection. Special equipment is used to give the technician a closer look at your chimney, and parts may even need disassembly.

Schedule spring chimney cleaning and maintenance today with the friendly folks at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to find out whether winter weather has damaged your chimney in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area.

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