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How Creosote Can Mess With Your Chimney

Your chimney is something that you can’t be without when you have a fireplace. So it is understandably important to have a chimney that is kept in optimal condition to ensure it serves its purpose.

Ever wondered what might be making your chimney dirty? If not, that’s okay because you wouldn’t be the first. That’s why we write blogs like these! Because your chimney isn’t going to stay clean all year long. In fact, it can get pretty dirty over time.

Creosote build-up in a chimney is a common problem that affects most home fireplace and chimney systems. Let’s explore what that means and why it’s a problem.

What Is Creosote?

Creosote is a somewhat unique mixture of dirt, debris, gas, soot, and moisture that is created when you have a fire in your fireplace. The creation of creosote largely occurs in wood-burning fires but also can be created by gas-powered fireplaces too.

Creosote has the ability to build up in your chimney and cause problems over time.

What Can Creosote Create Problems For Your Home

You may not see creosote as a problem. After all, how bad can a little dirt be? Well, if you’ve ever seen what happens in a heater when it gets too dirty, you know that letting any home system get too dirty can be the start of a lot of trouble.

Handling Creosote Build-Up

The best thing to do to address the creosote that has built up in your chimney is to schedule an appointment with a pro for chimney cleaning in St. Paul and the surrounding areas. But to do that, you may need to schedule a chimney inspection too.

Don’t let all of this scare you! Handling creosote build-up is actually an easy job for a professional who has the right tools and skills. That’s why we say to go with a pro! Cleaning a chimney certainly isn’t something that is a DIY project.

Here’s how to tell it is time to reach out for a chimney cleaning service:

  • It has been a year since your last appointment
  • You’ve noticed that your chimney smells off
  • Your fireplace seems to have problems with drafts while in use
  • You can see oil marks on the walls of your fireplace
  • Smoke enters your room when you run the fireplace

If you notice any of the above warning signs, it means you should have a chimney cleaning service done. When you schedule this with a technician, they should arrive and provide an inspection first. This will allow the technician to assess the severity of the build-up and check for any other issues such as animal nests or debris.

A clean chimney will allow you to more easily use your fireplace and enjoy the warmth it provides without trouble. What’s more, it will reduce the risk of a chimney fire which is highly important!

Ready to clear out your chimney before it starts to create trouble? Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to schedule an appointment. We serve residents around Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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