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Minneapolis Chimney Tip: What to Expect for a Chimney Relining Service

Are you in need of a Minneapolis chimney relining service? Call 2nd Generation Chimneys. If you have a damaged chimney liner, it can cause a number of safety hazards, whether you heat with a fireplace, wood stove, or gas furnace. A chimney relining service is a cost-effective way to prevent these hazards, but you should always hire a certified chimney technician to install any type of flue liner. The technician will make sure you get the right type and size for your particular chimney and heating system.

If you have recently upgraded your heating system, or if there’s been a chimney fire in your home, you will most likely need to have your flue liner replaced.  A damaged liner or excess amounts of creosote can cause a fire as well. While there are many warning signs that your liner is damaged or needs to be cleaned, the one major sign of dangerous amounts of creosote is if you smell a very strong, bad odor. If you have a wood-burning fireplace or wood stove, an extremely smoky fire could mean that there’s a blockage in the chimney or that you are burning the wrong type of wood.  Be sure to call for an annual chimney inspection if you have not done so this year. We provide thorough inspections and will let you know if it is time to replace your flue liner.

To prepare for a flue lining replacement, you should not build a fire 24 hours prior to the service. You should also cover the ashes or clean them out before the technician begins working. We use floor coverings and other methods of protecting your furnishings. For stainless steel liners, they will need to be cut to the proper size and installed inside the existing flue.

Call the Minneapolis chimney experts at 2nd Generation if you have further questions or would like to schedule a chimney inspection and sweeping.

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