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Minnetonka Chimney and Fireplace FAQ: Why is Chimney Sweeping Necessary?

Hiring a Minnetonka chimney technician to clean and inspect your chimney and fireplace before the heating season is an important part of preventive maintenance. At 2nd Generation, we provide comprehensive inspections and chimney cleaning.

Call us today if you haven’t scheduled your annual chimney sweeping service. Here are a few important reasons to do this.

Wood-Burning Appliances and Pellet Stoves

Wood-burning fireplaces and wood stoves create creosote buildup over time. While there is some normal level of buildup that is to be expected, removing excess creosote can help prevent chimney fires and other hazards from occurring. it is essential to schedule an annual cleaning and inspection to ensure the safe operation of your fireplace. Even though pellet fuel is a clean-burning fuel, pellet stoves also need to be cleaned inspected for other issues.

Gas Logs and Fireplace Inserts

Even if you don’t heat your home with wood, inspections for gas inserts is just as important as inspecting a traditional fireplace. The technician will need to check the gas connections, piping, and firebox for any damages or gas leaks. Gas logs and inserts can also have corrosion issues if there’s excess moisture in the chimney. We will make sure that your chimney cap is doing its job of keeping out the rain and snow and creating issues. A technician will also inspect the electrical work and controls, including the thermostat, to ensure that everything is working properly.

Certain animals also like to nest in chimneys, particularly birds and raccoons. If any animals have nested in your chimney over the summer, we can make sure that there are no potential dangers associated with animal infestation once you start using your gas logs again. We’ll also check for proper airflow and other debris lodged in the chimney.

Call the Minnetonka chimney professionals at 2nd Generation if you need to schedule your annual inspection. If begin to notice any problems, such as odd smells, excessive smoke, backdrafts, or other issues, call a certified technician as soon as you can. There could be a hidden problem that needs to be resolved sooner than later.

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