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Choosing an Eco-Friendly Fireplace or Stove

You want a fireplace or stove that will keep you cozy and warm, but you also want to do your part in helping out the environment. The new fireplace or stove that you choose will depend largely on your budget and the setup of your home and your chimney. But to help you choose the perfect heating system for your home, we offer a general comparison of some of the most common types of eco-friendly stoves and fireplaces, so that you can do your best to make a responsible choice!

  • Gas Log Fireplaces: Installing a gas log fireplace insert is a popular choice for people looking for an environmentally-responsible fireplace replacement. Using this type of fireplace does involve burning natural gas, but the low emissions output and relatively low maintenance of the fireplace insert (when installed properly) makes it preferable to wood heating systems that emit particulates into the air.
  • Gas Stoves: Gas stoves have higher efficiency ratings today than they did in the past. These self-contained units actually emit very little pollution, although they do burn fuel. However, the emissions produced in the process is still lower than the pollution that comes from burning wood.
  • Pellet Stoves: Part of what makes pellet stoves so eco-friendly is the materials they are made of, including compressed sawdust and agricultural waste. Of stoves and fireplaces that burn solid materials, pellet stoves are perhaps the cleanest-burning.
  • Wood Burning Stoves: A wood-burning stove is probably not the ideal option for those looking to make an eco-friendly choice. However, some sources point out that the emissions produced with a wood-burning stove are the same as those that would be produced by a tree naturally burning in the forest. Still, it’s best to avoid this type of system if you live in a large city with a pre-existing pollution problem.

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