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4 Reasons You’re Having Trouble with Your Fireplace

Does smoke fill the room when you try to start a fire in your fireplace? Do you end up using a lot of firewood without the heat output you expected? Have these issues forced you to eliminate the use of your chimney and fireplace altogether in the winter?

Don’t be without the warmth and comfort of your fireplace in the cold weather. If you’ve invested in this home feature, you deserve to take advantage of it! Here are 4 reasons you might be having trouble with your fireplace:

  • You left the damper closed: Oh no! Someone inexperienced with fireplaces may accidentally leave the damper closed or partially open, blocking off the chimney or flue and allowing smoke to fill up your home instead! Make sure this is all the way open when you use your chimney so that combustion gases and smoke can vent, and close it once the fire is completely out for energy efficiency and home comfort.
  • Soot, creosote, or large debris: An accumulation of soot or larger pieces of debris might block the chimney, and it can lead to a major fire hazard. Have a technician clean your chimney each year before you use it!
  • Improper sizing: Could it be that your contractor didn’t size your stove, fireplace insert, or chimney flue before installation? Call a technician for an inspection to be sure your chimney operates safely. A flue that is too small cannot handle the amount of smoke coming from the chimney, and it may move back into your home.
  • You’re using damp firewood: You must have well-seasoned firewood (left to dry for 6 months or more) in order for the chimney to operate properly, or else it may not be able to produce enough heat.

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