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Why Stick With a Wood-Burning Fireplace?


In our previous blog post, we talked about the benefits of switching to a gas fireplace the next time you need a fireplace installation in Plymouth, MN. Today, we’re going to do the opposite, because although there are many advantages to gas-burning fireplaces, the traditional wood-burning fireplace has plenty to offer as well. If you have an old wood-burning fireplace and you’re looking to have it replaced, you may want to consider having a new wood-burning fireplace put in its place. It’s not always a bad idea to embrace the traditional.

We can help you weigh your different options, and we can handle the installation of whatever type you choose. We’ll make sure that your new fireplace is a true upgrade, no matter if it’s gas, wood-burning, or electric.

Reasons to Choose a Wood-Burning Fireplace

Nostalgia and Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s face it: gas fireplaces may be wonderful, but they cannot replicate the special magic that comes with a traditional fireplace. The way the flames dance and the crackling sound—it’s not just getting heat and light, it’s enjoying a special kind of experience. A wood-burning fireplace can add a timeless charm to your house that no modern appliance can match.

Cost-Effective Heating

When it comes to cost-effective heating power, wood is one of the best fuel sources available—not fossil fuel or electrical resistance, but biofuel. Firewood is often more budget-friendly compared to either electricity or natural gas, so if you also rely on your fireplace for comfort in your home during winter, you’ll notice significant savings if you stick with wood.

Energy Independence

Wood is a renewable resource, and choosing a wood-burning fireplace reduces your reliance on external energy sources. This is not only good for your home, it also reduces your carbon footprint, making your choice of fireplace an environmentally beneficial one. In this case, looking backwards to tradition is also looking forward.

Connection to Nature

This is another of the intangible benefits of a wood-burning fireplace, and for some homeowners it’s the most important. Gathering firewood is a seasonal ritual that many enjoy. The aroma of burning wood inside a house creates an earthy feeling, and it’s something that gas fires can’t duplicate. (It’s also easier to toast marshmallows over a wood-burning fireplace. That might be important to you!)

Safety and Maintenance

Concerned about safety? Wood-burning fireplaces, when properly maintained with regular cleanings from our pros, can be as safe as more modern counterparts. Working with us for routine maintenance, inspections, and cleanings will help minimize safety concerns.

Making the Best Choice for You

When it comes to choosing between a wood-burning fireplace and a gas-burning fireplace, you’ll have to decide between conflicting benefits. Gas fireplaces are more convenient and easier to take care of, with no need to store wood. Wood fireplaces are more appealing and have powerful nostalgic value for people who enjoy the rituals of winter. A great deal of personal preference goes into this choice.

You can rely on our years of experience with fireplace installation and other fireplace and chimney services to help you balance out the benefits and drawbacks of each of your options.

2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. serves Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Communities. Call us for all your fireplace and chimney needs.

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