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What Type of Liner is Right for my Particular Heating System?

If you have a chimney in your home in Minneapolis, you’ve probably heard about linings for it. If you’re like most people, you may have questions about the different types of liners and which one is right for your home. At 2nd Generation Chimneys, we’ve installed countless liners for our customers in the Minneapolis area. We thought it would be helpful if we put together a checklist so that you can get an idea of what type of liner is good for your home.

You should always consult with a professional heating contractor to take on a chimney lining job. This type of project should never be done on your own. The efficiency of your chimney and the safety of your home are at stake with this kind of work. Contact us today!

What Type of Fireplace Do You Have?

The first question that your heating contractor will ask you is what type of fireplace you have. Whether you have a wood, gas or oil fireplace will dictate the number of options that are available to you.

Types of Chimney Liners

There are a few types of common chimney lining materials.

  • Clay – Clay is a great liner for chimneys and has a lifespan of about 80 years. They are cheap and work well with wood-burning fireplaces. However, they run into trouble with gas fireplaces because they can’t contain the combustion gasses.
  • Metal – There are two types of metal liners: stainless steel and aluminum. These types of liners are typically installed when upgrading and repairing chimneys. Stainless steel liners are more robust and can be used with just about any type of fireplace. Aluminum liners can only be used with certain types of gas fireplaces.
  • Concrete – With this type of liner, heat resistant concrete is poured down the chimney into a mold. This is another robust and durable chimney liner that can be used with most types of fireplaces. However, this liner is permanent and can’t be removed without tearing down the entire chimney.

Benefits of Chimney Liners

Chimney liners feature several important benefits. First, they improve the efficiency of your fireplace. By allowing smoke and fumes to exhaust more quickly, you can increase the efficiency of your system. Second, they improve the safety of your home by not allowing dangerous gasses to come back into your home.

If you have any questions about which chimney liner is right for your home in Minneapolis, contact the experts at 2nd Generation Chimney. We have years of experience offering chimney lining services in the Minneapolis area. We can help you pick out the right one and install it for you correctly.

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