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Reasons You May Need to Repair Your Fireplace

Because fireplaces and chimneys are usually made of stones or bricks (and other durable materials), they don’t seem like they should need repairs. What could possibly go wrong with them?

Many things, actually—especially if you haven’t scheduled regular fireplace inspections and chimney sweeping. This doesn’t mean your fireplace is particularly dangerous; it’s no more so than any other heating system in your house. But it does mean you need to arrange for repairs whenever you notice a problem. We’ll list a few of the common reasons for scheduling fireplace repair in Minneapolis, MN.

For fast and professional service for your fireplace’s troubles, call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. We have fireplace technicians ready 24/7 to service your hearth.

Common Reasons For Fireplace Repair

  • Cracks in the firebox:
    The firebox is the section of your fireplace at the floor level of a room where fire is combusted. It’s made of firebricks that can withstand extreme temperatures. If cracks appear in the firebrick, it can turn into a major fire hazard that will allow heat to reach combustible material. For this repair work, you’ll need a fireplace masonry expert to remove and replace the firebricks and provide mortar to the joints.
  • Gas line problems:
    For fireplaces with gas logs, you need to have a gas line in good repair or it could cause the fireplace to stop working, or worse, lead to carbon monoxide leaking. Although CO is naturally odorless and colorless, suppliers often add a taint to it to make it easier for homeowners to detect when it is leaking. If you smell a strange odor from your fireplace, hear a hissing noise when it isn’t operating, or if your gas line simply won’t light, call for repairs immediately. Do not tamper with a gas line on your own!
  • Broken/stuck damper:
    The damper at the top of the fireplace that leads to the flue must be in good condition so it can properly vent smoke and combustion fumes to the outside. If the damper breaks and either becomes stuck in an open or closed position, do not use your fireplace. Instead call for professionals to come to your home and repair the damper so your fireplace won’t waft exhaust into your house or suck out all the heat from your living room.

Fireplace Repair Should Be Left to Professionals

You can locate “do-it-yourself fireplace repair guides” all over the Internet. However, because fireplaces consist of heavy masonry or other durable construction material, there is usually little you can (safely) do to repair a major fireplace issue. Leave this task to professionals certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America—like our staff at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. Give us a call for quality fireplace services in Minneapolis, MN.

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